Raspberry Filled Bounty Balls

February 07, 2018

If you love all things coconut then you will love these. They taste just like bounty bars but have an extra surprise of a fruity raspberry center. They keep well in the fridge for a week so are great to make ahead of time and reach for whenever you have a craving for a little something sweet!

Blueberry Lime Blissies

December 18, 2017

These colourful little bliss balls are perfect when you crave something sweet, yet healthy. Filled with antioxidants from the blueberries, and easy to make, these are a crowd pleaser for any occasion.

The 5 min Lebanese Fatteh Bowl

December 01, 2017

Have you heard of Lebanese Fatteh? A deliciously creamy, spice-filled Lebanese dish made with dairy-free yoghurt, chickpeas, cumin, garlic, lemon, tahini, coriander, pine nuts? It can also be made non-vegetarian for meat lovers with chicken. However, this recipe is my quick and easy vegan version of it, which will take no more than 5 minutes & I hope you’ll enjoy.

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