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Annelina is the face behind Food Without Regrets, a blog and popular Instagram page. She shares simple vegan recipes and inspires her community to lead healthy, conscious lives! We chatted to Annelina about her blog, lifestyle and inspiration...


Tell us a bit about yourself!
Hi there! I’m Annelina. I just moved to the vegan capital of the world, BERLIN.
Actually, there is a duel with LA, I love both cities so much. Last year, I finished my
Master in Communication, Health, Sports and Event Management and published
a book about Buddha Bowls this year, and started as a Social Media Marketing
Manager part time.

10 facts about Annelina

  1. Yoga gives me the feeling of peace, balance and being one with myself
  2.  I’m the worst person with technical stuff, my data is always full, at least one of
  3. my techniques isn’t working. (right now it’s my pc)
  4.  I can’t wait to get up in the morning
  5.  I love my sneakers + jeans and hate to dress up
  6.  I can spend ages with food shopping while clothes shopping is kind of annoying
  7. Cinnamon is my favourite spice and I’ve a huge weakness for cinnamon buns
  8.  I listen to audio books almost every single free minute. On my bike rides, train rides, during cooking or cleaning
  9.  I believe that everything happens for a reason
  10.  I’ll be a full-time Blogger soon

When did you start food blogging on Instagram and what inspired you to
Three years ago, my best friend told me that I should post my food on
Instagram. I said, I don’t quite understand why,  but if you think I should ;) why not. I
always loved to arrange my food and sort by colors. Still, I didn’t get the whole thing about Instagram but somehow Users did and started following me. One and a half
years later, I launched my blog which became my happy place.

What are the biggest challenges and greatest rewards of being a
food/lifestyle blogger?
To always live healthy while being on the road all time, having no routine and
rushing through your day. It’s important, not to want too much, to stay focused
on your main skills and be authentic with yourself. I always ask myself, “is this
what you really want, “what’s the impact of it”.

This is also a wonderful reward, to see people getting inspired. What i love most is
the connections and friendships I made through Blogging and turning vegan.

You are such a positive advocate for plant-based  living. What led you to
this lifestyle choice?
Oh, thank you!! When I traveled in New Zealand, I run out of money and worked for a butcher. I got asked if I’d like to kill a chicken. I said, NO! Then, would you like to watch it, me. NEVER: I asked myself, “if I can’t even watch it, how can I eat it”. This was a trigger
point for me turning vegetarian. Through some books, my own health problems and
movies, it took me 2 more month for following a plant-based lifestyle. It was my New
Year’s Eve Resolution 2013.

What are your top tips for someone looking to transition to a vegan diet?
My advice would be to try a sustainable plant-based diet for a certain time period
and become aware of the benefits or disadvantages. To stay positive through your
new goals and always keep in mind, that you are doing this for you and not only for
yourself but also for your children and the planet.

Where do you get your recipe inspiration from?
This is a really good question. There is a lot in my head and some on Instagram,
Youtube or Pinterest.

What are some things you like to do in your spare time?
Yoga and exercising, meeting friends in cafes or restaurant, being with my family.


If you could live off one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Summer Rolls

You serve up some pretty amazing dishes in our Coconut Bowls! What
has been your favorite so far?
Acai Bowls. Coconut Bowls seems to be made for them.

What is your favorite thing about your Coconut Bowls?
That I can take it everywhere and anywhere. I even traveled through California with
this bowl in my backpack.


Thanks Annelina! Big love from Coconut Bowls 

Be inspired and follow Annelina's journey over at @food_without_regrets

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